What is workers family ?

Workers family is a term used to describe how the workers in resort end up feeling more like family than just friends.

We started out as workers then began renting apartments to fellow workers, from that we progressed to offering the full workers service we operate today. Our company is made up of some really old skool workers and some new ones too.

The team they have

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    Done 40 seasons
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    Sold over 10 000 tickets
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    Done every job in resort
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    Worked in every resort we operate in

As a company we have

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    Rented over 5000 workers apartments
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    Helped over 10 000 young people work abroad

The Questions Most Customers Have

Am I guaranteed to get a job :

The answer is yes, if you are determined and work with us and don’t give up you will get a job. Usually this happens within the first few days, even if it takes a few weeks – it will happen.

Is it easy to get a job :

It is as easy as you make it, if you ask for work with a smile on your face and enthusiasm then it will happen a lot faster for you. If you work with us and remember who said to check back on Tuesday or who said to do a trial on Sunday….then you will find it easy.

Will I be ok going alone :

From us greeting you at the airport to you meeting your roommates and everyone else in the workers block plus your fellow workers in your new job…..you really aren’t alone. By the time you have been to a few workers parties you will feel like you know the whole resort, and you can expect that within your first week.

How much money should I take :

The simple answer is to take as much as you can, but we don’t advise getting in debt to do it…..Try and bring as much as you can to top up your wages and help for any extras like clothes or trips….whether that is £400 or £1000 just bring what you can.

Do I pay for my own flights and rent :

Yes, you are responsible for paying for your flights and accommodation. You can book your first month with us directly before you leave the UK. After your first month you can pay cash directly to the owners in resort.

Do I need a work permit or visa :

Whatever permission you need to work in our European resorts we will ensure you have it and help you to arrange this (if you are an E.U. citizen). Regulations vary from resort to resort but generally speaking there aren’t any visas or permissions needed for our European resorts.

How do I apply?

First step to your summer is applying with us.

From that point on we take you every step of the way until you are actually working in the bars and clubs and promotions. Once you have applied your place is secure.

Apply Now

For Summer 2017

We promise you it will be exciting and fun!

When you have completed your application your place as a worker this summer is secure.

You will get your confirmation emailed

You will receive your workers family welcome pack and workers wristband

We will arrange a time with you for a quick phone chat about things you need to know and do.

Registering costs £50 – That’s the one and only cost workers family charge for sorting your summer.

Any question you have we have the answer, we are available anytime at all so take the time to contact us, we wont be offended by any question and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

We have you completely covered.

As the number of young people working away has increased so has the number of work away companies, we are confident of these key points

At no point in dealing with us will you ever be lied to, mislead or blagged in any way.

We are the easiest company in the business to contact at any stage, regardless of whether you have booked or not and are an old customer or new

Our prices reflect the real going rate in resort and are the lowest among all work away companies.

Our reps in resort are doing the job for the love of being part of the workers family, not to collect fees or to sell excursions.

Once you apply with us your summer is set in stone, it really is as simple as that.